Reiki is a spiritual energy healing therapy. It works by intuitively activating your body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Energy healing works on your emotional body, gently encourages stagnant energy blocks to release and flow freely in your body. This energy is deeply nourishing helping to soothe chronic conditions, release emotional trauma and assist in physical recovery.  
Rachel will guide you through this serene therapy using additional energy healing techniques such as sound healing and light language. Light language is a healing cosmic language which helps to re-align the energy centers and help you connect to your higher self. Once the energy healing is complete, Rachel will pass on intuitive advice and any messages of guidance from spirit.  

1 hour – £45

Sound Healing

We offer monthly Sound Healing sessions on the farm. Sound Healing also known as vibrational medicine deeply relaxes mind, body and spirit and stimulates healing. By using crystal singing bowls, gongs and drums the vibrations produced run through the body. This helps to cleanse and move any stagnant energy in any of the chakras which are energy centers through out our body. It also helps us to let go of what no longer serves us and reduces stress and aids sleeping.

1 hour £20