Our Ytsara offerings are vegan and cruelty free holistic treatments and products, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

Ytsara techniques originate from 14th century northern Thailand, where sacred word with no written information is passed on through family generations to maintain traditional methods and organic ingredients.


Key to the Ytsara philosophy, this treatment uses therapeutic vibrational therapy which works deep into the muscle. The body’s lines are tapped with a special tool made from the tamarind tree helping to clear blocked energy and offering instant muscle ease results.

Coconut Head Massage 

A massage focussing on pressure points correlating to the body’s chakras, promotes whole body energy flow. Organic coconut oil and a warm poultice further evokes relaxation and a conditioning hair wrap intensely nourishes the hair. 

Coconut Head Massage – 45minutes – £55.00 

Deep Calm Prescriptive Massage   

Restore your body, mind & spirit with Thai style and western massage techniques. Malabar Grass melts tension away while Sweet Orange and Vetiver help to create an inner peace. Oils of Rice Bran, Sweet Almond, Soy and Wheat Germ help soothe and nourish the skin. 

Deep Calm Prescriptive Massage – 60 minutes  – £65.00 

Warm Coconut Soother Massage   

Drift into tropical wonders when warm, virgin Coconut oil is drizzled over your body and a steamed, sesame and coconut poultice is gently glided to massage, nourish and condition your skin. Exhilarating sweet scents permeate your mind and nurture your soul. 

Warm Coconut Soother Massage – 90 minutes – £95

Mohom Deep Pressure 

For muscle healing, designed to encourage blood flow, stretch muscles and ease joints. This deep massage conditions the whole body. Thai therapeutic massage and pure plant essential oils work synergistically together and a warm, herbal poultice provides a medicinal remedy for sore or overworked muscles.

Mohom Deep Pressure 60 minutes – £75 

Ultimate Deep Pressure Back Massage

Experience the solution driven benefits of Deep Pressure Thai Style massage combined with specialized western massage techniques. The ‘Tok Sen’ and tropical essential oils. The ancient ‘Tok Sen’ technique uses vibrations to work deep into the muscles to disperse any tension. The combination of these different techniques will deeply relieve all sore, tight and achy muscles whilst providing a much-needed dose of relaxation. 

Ultimate Deep Pressure Back Massage – 45 minutes – £65

Samsara Mother To Be

A gentle side-lying massage to release tensions in the back and legs. Organic virgin Coconut oil nourishes dry and sensitive skin. Recommended after the first trimester only.

Samsara Mother To Be – 60 minutes – £75

Angel Bliss

For restless children. Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet while a grounding oil massage is performed on the back of the arms. This treatment improves children’s quality of sleep and strengthens the immune system. Recommended for children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Angel Bliss – 45 minutes – £50