Reiki is a spiritual energy healing treatment. Energy healing works on the emotional body and gently encourages stagnant energy blocks to release. It has a wonderful way of balancing our emotional bodies, helping us when we are feeling overwhelmed. Each treatment is tailored to the client using a range of healing techniques such as sound healing, crystals and light language. After this serene treatment Rachel will give you intuitive guidance to help you to continue to feel your best self. 

1 hour – £45

Sound Healing

We offer monthly Sound Healing sessions on the farm. Sound Healing also known as vibrational medicine deeply relaxes mind, body and spirit and stimulates healing. By using crystal singing bowls, gongs and drums the vibrations produced run through the body. This helps to cleanse and move any stagnant energy in any of the chakras which are energy centers through out our body. It also helps us to let go of what no longer serves us and reduces stress and aids sleeping.

1 hour £20