Reiki Energy Healing 

Rachel is a clairvoyant energy and light language healer. Since a child she has been able to see the higher realms of existence and feel energy very deeply and intuitively. Working with crystals and sound healing bowls, she will intuitively weave together various vibrations and energies to assist the healing creating a serene experience. She also works with plant and essential oils to create a sacred and calming space for you to deeply relax and receive.  

Energy healing sessions help to clear any energy blocks to assist you to move forward with more grace and ease. They are a wonderful tool when we are feeling overwhelmed either emotionally, physically or mentally. Each session is completely unique to what is needed to bring your energy back into alignment leaving you feeling centered and with a deeper connection to your heart.  

Energy healing has various benefits, completely unique to everyone. Energy healing looks at the deeper cause to what we may be going through to helping to clear anything not in alignment and raise our vibration. Energy healing is also very soothing for sensitive children who suffer with anxiety, lack of confidence or trouble with sleeping. Rachel offers a 30-minute chakra balance session for children of all ages.  

Rachel offers in person sessions at the salon on a Monday, zoom is also available for anybody who is not from the Oxfordshire area.  

If you have any questions please email Rachel –  

”This session was utterly new for me and at the same time revealing. I have enjoyed it so much and it has opened a new door in my life. Realy thankful for everything that has been shared with me today. Looking forward to a new session in the future. Thank you and best regards, Mel”

”Rachel is a very intuitive woman and picked up on lots of things going on in my life at the moment. She has a way of expressing things in a certain way that really made sense to made and made some things sink in deeper than before. Really appreciate your time and energy, thank you”

”What an amazing experience! Rachel clearly has a true gift – I felt so much energy moving around right from the beginning. It was very intense and relaxing at once. I also really appreciated her calm, soothing manner, and intuitive guidance afterwards. Thank you. Hugely recommended!”

Reiki Energy Healing

1 hour 15 minutes – £55

Children Chakra Balance

45 minutes – £33