Join us a for 1:1 oracle card reading and rose tea in April. Have you had your cards read before? Its an ancient art for self enquiry or to help with clarity, purpose and direction. Oracle cards are an incredibly powerful way to help us when we feel we can’t see ‘the wood for the trees’.
 They can really shine a light and give us clarity when we need to make decisions and gain understanding about our path ahead. 

Helen from Oracle Goddess will be joining us on the 7th of April from 4pm onwards. Helen is a naturally gifted clairvoyant who inherited her gift from a matriarchal lineage and she now offers comforting & intuitive readings. 

Hold a question at your heart and let Helen guide you with the cards…

What do I most need to know right now?
What will help me the most during this situation?
What is the best way forward for me?

20min / £40
40min  / £70

T&C’s – Limited availability and pre-booking required.

Rose Healing

Our intention for Valentine’s is to return to self and restore in all the ways that feel nurturing for us. This Valentine’s we will be offering a relaxing and restorative therapy with rose healing to leave you feeling content and nurtured. This Valentine’s we will be offering a relaxing and restorative therapy with rose healing to leave you feeling content and nurtured.

Rachel will be offering a Valentine’s inspired focus to help you feel calm, centered and peaceful. Using local hand harvested organic rose otto oil for facial and scalp pressures and a bespoke sound bath with comforting energy healing. 

Rose is a motherly, heart centering plant which is hydrating and replenishing for all skin types. Sound and energy healing aid restful sleep, deep relaxation and is calming for the nervous system. 

60min  / £49

Candlelit Restorative Yoga 

Friday evening’s 7pm – 8
.10pm in October – December 2021

Join Clare for a restorative 70-minute slow paced yoga class on Friday evening’s on the farm this Autumn. With the comforting support of bolsters + blankets to help the body relax + release. 

Restorative yoga is a restful practice suitable for all levels. We will hold poses for a longer duration with the support of bolster + blankets. This practice is healing for the nervous system, calming for the mind and opening for the body. A lovely way to guide yourself into a restful nights sleep. Just bring yourself in some comfy clothes (PJ’s welcomed!)



Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath 

Rachel will be holding a Crystal Sound Bath on Sunday 7th November at 6pm at Greenhill Farm.

We invite you to bathe in beautiful crystalline tones of the alchemy bowls. Sound healing is an ancient practice to harmonise + soften our energy bodies. Sound holds space for us to melt into a meditative relaxation + journey. Assisting us to restore, release and welcome in waves of calming crystal sound.

We will be sharing warm tea, setting intentions followed by a blissful sound bath. Everyone is very welcome!

1hr / £22